(Might help in understanding some of the following stories)

1. CORRUPT   : From the Latin cor = heart and rupt =break. Literally to break one=s heart.

Sense : To strive through hard work, to accomplish great ends through diligence.

 Common usage : Usually attributed to a more dependent portion of the male anatomy as: to break one’s b—–.

2. CORRUPTOR : One who corrupts.  Necessitating great scheming to attain noble ends.

The corruptor is by definition always of a higher social standing than the corruptee

Otherwise we have:

3. BRIBERY : The act of bribing. From the olde English briberry a form of poisonous berry grown around castles.

Sense : To give a gift to attain personal advancement. This is tried by one of low social standing to a higher authority. Usually greeted with disdain. In olde England usually met by forcing a briberry down the bloke’s throat at the castle door.

DEMOCRACY : From the Latin demo =to show and cracere = cracks.

This usually refers to a form of government which everybody is convinced will crack up at any minute, … and is usually trying to change.

Sense : A form of government which allows its constituents to continually ask for change.

Common usage : A place where having money is not bad, and everyone thinks they may have some — someday.

5. SOCIAL CLASS : The social strata which determines where to shop for one’s clothes.

This can be defined by a formula which gives the ratio of service/ tips consistently at any good restaurant. The higher the ratio the higher the social class to which one belongs. It is evident by the definition that one cannot buy his way into an upper or higher social class. On the contrary the determination is made for him by any competent head waiter.

6. SOCIETY : Everybody else.

7. INCORRUPTIBLE PERSON : A good government advocate who failed political science in college.

8. POWER : The ability to corrupt.

In a free society the term ” more power to you” is the highest form of good wishes one can muster — a quantum leap over “have a nice day”.

9. TAXES : From the Hebrew “taches” referring to a certain anatomic region exposed as one reaches under his robe to get at his money belt.

A form of tribute which over the years has come to define social class structure. The worse the financial burden, the lower the social class. Ultimately the highest classes merely display their “taches” at the tax collectors, having no financial burden at all.

10. TAX SHELTER : Also from the Hebrew. Referring to a robe with hidden pockets which protected one’s “taches” from the tax collectors.

Sense: To cover one’s   _ss.

Common Usage : Making the government your business partner.

11. LEGISLATURE :Derivation from the Latin: legitamus = the true or right;

slatore = slate or roster.

Sense : The roster of the right. Referring to people of the right breeding, i.e. not needing employment for financial needs.

12. PARLIAMENT : From the Latin : parliere = to speak a = without; mentatus = to think.

Sense : A place where speaking without thinking is commonplace.

Common usage : Exactly!

13. GOVERNMENT : From the Neanderthal grave men . Certain individuals too incompetent for daily tasks were given the job of burying those members of the tribe bitten by a saber tooth tiger.

They subsequently demanded official burying places, better thoroughfares for dragging off dead bodies, and uniforms – thus being the first government.

Sense : An organization of garbage collectors.

Common usage : ………..with law degrees.

14. CONGRESS : The opposite of PROGRESS.   (Figure it out)

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